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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
I'll try to make this as nebulous as possible.

I used to compete with a group of other "professionals." 8 years. The profanity-laden culture and bullying is normal, even when you're doing well.

That doesn't make it okay/right/acceptable in modern culture, but most people develop an armor against it. Those who don't stress, lose the passion, and burn out.

The things I've been called-- it makes me laugh when someone starts a sentence with: "I hope this doesn't offend you, but..."

Anyone who has been in those cultures is extremely difficult to offend.

I've been involved it as well. We held a tryout wherein the guy was going to make the team 8 minutes in. We made him tryout for about four hours-- and 1on1 the entire team one at a time. You heard it if he scored on you. It was fun. Not for him, I'm sure.
Pretty good summary of it really.

We always used to finish tryouts (and most practices tbh) with 'jungle rules'... for 30mins to an hour... so basically anything allowed, every man for himself, but usually everyone vs the guy with the ball (in rugby and water polo, so probably around 12-18 guys vs 1 depending on the sport!) I and a lot of people loved it.

But some guys would always just try and get out of it... I think it 100% depends on the person, I always thrived being the one getting attacked from all angles, if you scored (or got a try) it was an insanely good feeling. Though I once got an accidental eye gouge, and fingers broken several times... which was scary and not pleasant (eye gouge)... but that can happen in a game as well.

And yeh, the try out guy would always get the ball thrown to him most often.

The best and most successful team I have ever been on was the most insular and 'nastiest'... but tbf it was also the one with the most heart (not sure how correlated those things are, if at all) no-one would ever give up, and pretty much everyone loved grinding out wins and playing tough, it was the most fun I have ever had on a team... but also the worst team I have ever been on was the same. (with less heart, less grind and more of a blame culture... all posturing really, when the going got tough people just were vindictive and cheap.)

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