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11-21-2013, 04:00 PM
draft the BPA
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Originally Posted by Punxrocknyc19 View Post
i wonder how things would have turned out if he played one more year in junior instead of coming straight to the NHL, maybe he would have been producing at a decent rate by now
if you remember back to his draft year, there were concerns about his defensive play and decision making. his skating was never mentioned as a negative though. he was drafted as an offensive dman who played with an "edge" lol , who made plays and could qb the pp.

he went 20th and was considered to have "fallen" into our laps.

he was considered to be one of the top "offensive" dmen in that draft. his numbers were goals/assist pretty good in oshawa and london his last year of juniors. 13/50/62 total.

and now we have mike del zaster who has gotten slower. less physical. less decisive. less creative. less offensive and much less productive.

not sure about him staying in juniors one more year. by all accounts, he was ready. his rookie years numbers for us were strong and he made the all rookie team that season.

he just hasnt taken that step. some guys never do.

he needs a change of scenery to try to jump start his career again.

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