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11-21-2013, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
Tbf I believe they probably gave him a bit of a hard time, heck, he would have got stick on any team I have ever been on for that mohawk alone...

'Is that a skunk on your head dude?'
'I didn't know you played soccer now Shawn.'
'Hey, Shawn, the 80's called, it wants its hairstyle back.'
'Did your mum actually let you leave the house like that?'
'This is the NFL, not a German rave Shawn.'
'Great rockhopper penguin outfit Shawn.'
'Bet I can guess the price you paid for that cut Shawn... your dignity mate.'
'Didn't know the blind society offered haircuts these days.'

And they would be the really nice PC ones... funny if you are a certain kind of person and go with it... not so funny if not, especially if you have mental health issues before/during the time in the lockerroom. (It is up to leaders on the team to gauge that kind of stuff really, reign it in if guy aint reacting well to it, as it is bordering on harassment if they are not taking it as a joke or camaraderie ... and that can be hard to gauge, especially if the guy goes along with it, gets involves and fires back or says nothing at the time when 'banter' is commonplace across the board.)

There is always a danger that guys are fine with some of the tamer stuff, and join in, and then due to over familiarity (like you are in each others pockets 24/7) people take it too far and think everyone is on the same wavelength when they are in fact gritting their teeth when things are said. And most jocks have their heads so far up their own arses, or laughing at their own jokes, trying to be big man on campus, that they will not realise that someone is not as ok with it as they and others are.

(Heck... I had my hair dyed a stronger blonde for a while and got so much stick for it among teammates... got called 's*it lid' for a year even after I got rid of it!)
I'm not doubting if he got his balls busted because he probably did. I went to an all boys high school & played sports there so that was pretty frequent there but me personally I never took it the wrong way because everybody got their share of getting their balls busted.

I think he's just making a mountain out of an ant hill here.

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