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01-22-2004, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by c-carp
Done deal from this Blues fans point of view. A couple of things though, neither Mayers or Salvador have been playing with much grit this year. Granted Mayers is coming off of major knee surgery and Salvador has a bad wrist and this probably has something to do with this? they both especially Mayers have left a lot to be desired this year?
Was aware of Salvador's issues. Well, then it's three underachievers changing addresses! :p

All hypothetical fun, of course.

Originally Posted by CREW99AW
I doubt that the Isles feel Niinimaa's poor 42/43 games has wiped out his last 4-5 yrs in the league.
Crew, again, I generally don't post here what I think NYI will do, I post what I think they should do. I don't try to think alongside Mike Milbury; that's a dangerous endeavor. Simply a hunch, based on nothing concete, that Janne is not long for L.I. This coming from someone who does not give up on players quickly. I stated that his showing with NYI to date does not obliterate his reputation, IMO.

As for Peca v. Janne, that's night and day, IMO. If one can't see Peca's enormous value to this team, I cannot try to convince otherwise.

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