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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Ultimately it's all on the adult as people need to control themselves. However when we're talking about "fights" in the sense of a little scrap during the game and then it's over.. that's a hockey instance. IMO a hockey instance is just a part of hockey and sh.. happens. Hockey instances are very often on the ref because of a lack of control of the game.

I actually watched my brothers game on the weekend (14 yrs old) and sent the league a comment stating how good one of the refs were. He was a younger guy and clearly stopped at least 2 fights from happening simply by calling penalties at the right time while also being consistent with his calls all game. Unfortunately that is few and far between.
Depending on the area, I believe you will see a higher instance of quality officiating in minor hockey than in adult beer league hockey,

My statement that the players ultimately need to control themselves, is based PURELY on the ADULT REC LEAGUE model, not youth or minor hockey.

For youth and minor hockey, it's a combination of parents, coaches, and officials, working together to demonstrate what is and what is not acceptable, for instance, player gets slashed, gets upset, appropriate reaction in the heat of the moment, would be to push back, emphasizing push, not punch, inappropriate would be to slash back harder etc,

Or, take a number and hit him hard, cleanly, later on etc.

For adult hockey, scrums happen, and normally it's a push here, push there, and a lot of really really bad, non-sensical chirping.

The OP situation sounded worse than that and when it comes down to it, it's the adult player's responsibility to control their emotions and reactions and not take a two handed baseball swing at the guy's head.

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