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11-22-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Vitale View Post
Barring injuries I have a feeling Elmer will spend the year in WBS. Not as any sort of punishment but I think because the team didn't like the results they got by having him up here half the time and down there half the time. They've probably set him to working on specific parts of his game and barring necessity they'll let him stay there and focus on that, partly with the idea it will **** him off a little / make him hungry to kick some ass in next year's camp when there will likely be two openings on the roster at least.

I haven't given up on Elmer but don't expect to see him around much this year. As for trades, we've all mentioned it from time to time but I don't think it's likely. I think he's a part of this team's plans, but they don't feel he's matured enough yet. Consistency has always been their thing with him (justified or not), so they not rushing him after giving him his initial chance and not being convinced he was ready for full-time duty. I think there probably is a work ethic thing at play there, especially if you consider Maatta and everything that's been said about his work ethic.
Yea, it's like the Pens go out of their way to say how great of shape bortuzzo was coming into camp, how prepared Maatta was, etc. Almost like saying, "Hey Simon see how in shape and prepared these other prospects are, the ones that are staying up with the big club? get the hint..."

I don't think the Pens have given up on him at all. Guys that big that can skate like that are not common. If he hits his potential he is absolutely a top 4 defensemen on this club.

However, I do think that perhaps his "untouchable" moniker is now gone and if the right trade offer was made he's outta here.

Personally I want to see him succeed, as good as maatta is the highs of Despres are still higher then Oli's (as demonstrated in the NHL so far) Simon just has to be consistent, in shape, and prepared. The fact that his 3rd year as a pro that he is not is a bit concerning.

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