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11-22-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Haaabs View Post
Judges also consider who's "the aggressor" or who's setting the pace, stats don't show that. Yea, JH's strikes hurt more, but GSP was the one in the middle of the ring while JH was on the outside and employing a counter punching strategy when he got gassed.

If we only went off stats, why have judges?
What good does it do to be the aggressor if all you do is eat punches?
Also in the first round, nobody is setting the pace. They're both in the middle of the octagon exchanging punches. Nobody is backing away.
And not everything should be rated the same, I mean, I don't think you should get a point for pushing the fight forward, and also get 1 point if you bodyslam someone to the ground.
I have no idea how they prioritize their points, but surely there must be a priority list and impact should be at the top of it.

If they're going to score fights like that, I'm asking myself why have judges too.

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