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12-28-2006, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Fotiu22 View Post
Listen, Jagr can take a shift or two off per game, I have ZERO problem with that. He is third overall in the league in points. He is not like A-Rod who produced when it didnt count, Jagr scores meaningful points at meaningful times. Comparing Jagr to Ortmeyer is like comparing making out with Cindy Crawford to making out with my sister (which was hot, but just not the same)
I always thought that kissing ones sister was a warm, wet and tasteless experience. Not like the making out with the neighbors sheep or somethang - West Virginian humor

Seriously - I think it is not intended to compare Jagr with Ortmeyer. They both have entirely different roles on this team and every team needs different roles /chemistry to make it a functioning team (which it evidently lacks at this given moment).
Jagr is a superstar. Sometimes a diva - but nonetheless a one-in-a-decade type of player bound for the Hall of Fame. He is fullfilling his role as this on The Rangers, imo. Nobody is perfect though.
Orts is a hard working, hustling kind of guy you love having on your team. Gives his 110% and does not flinch - but maybe he does not possess the raw talent of many others have but do not use. He is very useful on the bottom lines and is good for team morale. He fills a very important role on this team as well.+
Just not the same one as JJ

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