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11-22-2013, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by hilega View Post
I went to the 6am stick time at the TSC this morning. There were about 12 of the regulars including one goalie, in addition to a mom/dad/kid private lesson and one of my LTP classmates. I worked on stick handling, passing and skating with my classmate and some shooting. The regulars seem to have a routine practice that they run culminating in 3v3 with a goalie. I stayed out of their way as many were very highly skilled. I really need to work on my conditioning, upper hand arm strength, and work on strengthening my back. It was a god time. May go back to watch the Kings practice at 1030.
I work across the street from the Stars practice facility. Having tried this sport now, it really makes you appreciate just how skilled they are. Amazing. Sounds like your stick time went well too, I tried to take the same approach and stay out of people's way. One thing I've noticed, at least around here, is typically the hockey community is very friendly and welcoming to the beginners. At the two drop in sessions I've gone, others were really just happy I was there so they had more people. It really makes a difference for a beginner to be made welcome.

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