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01-22-2004, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
totally agree... not sure at all what Hi-wayman is thinking... maybe he's become a fan of the Flames or Oilers and just hoping the Canucks get further away from becoming contenders after spending the past 5+ years rebuilding into the situation we're in now.

The trades overall make no sense... contenders don't trade their superstars for a collection of younger players, or even a younger potential superstar - and likewise developing teams like Columbus and Atlanta, don't deal their potential superstars for established ones when the rest of their team isn't ready yet.

neither of these guys are going to get dealt... guys on our team that may make more sense to get dealt - like Jovo - are also not going to get dealt... Burke has built this team around this core and he's not going to jump ship because they're playing inconsistent this one year - this isn't a make it or break up the team season!
My post was quite simple & I explained it right off the bat. I'm simply trying to find out how much fans from other teams would covet getting either player in order to establish their worth in the eyes of other teams fans. That and I'm losing faith in Bertuzzi. He's talented. He could be the best power forward in the league when he wants to be, but he's not acting that way. He seems to want to be a fenese playmaker who complains he's not given enough room to skate & make pretty plays he can admire rather than a big, tough, garbage goal power forward. I also think his attitude is affecting the rest of the players & the team spirit. I really have come to believe his attitude is harming the team more than his goal scoring & assists are helping. To me, the Canucks strength is the depth of their defense, team balance & the team spirt & belief they can win which they have had for the last couple of years. I don't see individual players as the team's strength, no matter how talented they are. Instead of a contender this year, I see the Canucks following the same path San Jose did when they reached near contender status a few years ago & then stopped playing they way that got them to that level. If Bertuzzi is becoming a cancer to that team spirit, I want him gone. If I'm wrong about him & he's just in a slump of which he will emerge shortly, then no, I would hate to see him traded, but right now Linden is a better power forward than Bertuzzi.

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