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Originally Posted by Haaabs View Post
I don't think Floyd Mayweather is a good comparison. Floyd's defense is amazing, he doesn't get hit and he lands a lot of shots. JH defense wasn't that good (he got hit by a lot of jabs) and yes he did land shots but not a lot. Hell, you could even compare the way Floyd lands a ton of shots without knocking out his opponents to what GSP did.

Lets put it this way, would you give Floyd the decision if he put himself on the ropes, didn't block the opponents punches and didn't bob and weave and make them miss? Additionally, the opponent is outworking him and landing more shots and some big body shots (GSP had some good leg kicks that hurt JH).

I feel that a lot of people look at Johnny Hendricks face and GSP's face after the fight and make the decision then that Johnny won. GSP cuts and bruises easily. Ignore how they look after the fight and look at what they actually did during the fight.

People are tired of GSP winning. They're tired of his main events where he lies on his opponents for 5 rounds and wins by decision.

Dana White hates fighters that do that. He even said it this season on TUF when Josh Hill won his qualification fight that way. JH costs less, would provide more exciting fights and if he had become the guy who dethroned the champ, then maybe he could pull as many viewers. Dana White was pissed that GSP might retire or wanted time off. I'm not surprised that he reacted that way in the post conference. He thought they finally had the guy who could beat GSP and make the division exciting again.
Nope, I wasn't comparing Floyd with Henricks at all. I was only saying being aggressive isn't a scoring criteria, effective aggression is. Big difference, I'm perosnally with kriss here. I think Hendricks is a pretty good fighter, but far from the class of his division, he's just a knightmare matchup for GSP, a big welterweight with heavy hands who is an outstanding wrestler.

As far as your 2nd paragraph, none of those things happened, GSP wasn't bobbing and weaving anything, he was getting routinely tagged with much heavier shots and Hendricks landed more shots and he has way heavier hands.

I've been watching mma for years, I don't judge fights based on Joe's commentary or the look of either persons face. I judge based on the action in the ring. Hendricks was in complete control without ever facing any danger. I am looking at what they did, Hendricks out performed GSP in striking and out-wrestled him and reversed positions up against the cage. His TDD on that single leg that GSP went for was simply outstanding, you likely score points for GSP for going for the takedown, but I think defending it in the manner which Hendricks did is much more impressive, especially with his balance and ability to land heavy shots on one leg.

Once again, I think Dana White is an ********, but, he's right, you can't vacant the title like that and put the division on hold. Either you're in or you're out. If GSP's first declaration was at the end of this fight, it was poor timing. He thought he would steamroll Hendricks and go out on top, he didn't even want to bring it up, but Rogan kept prying. GSP had a plan, it failed, and he should have had enough sense to hold back here. I don't blame him for wanting a break/retire whatever, well within his rights, GSP is all class, I don't think he wanted it to end this way himself, but he already had his plan in motion.

Dana is all about the money, sure, some of his over-the-top antics during the press conference was more about losing his meal ticket than the results of the fight, but I didn't judge this based on Dana White's comments, my mind was made up long before he spoke a word. Dana's a ****** bag, so what, doesn't make the decision a good one.

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