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11-22-2013, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Runner77 View Post
I met Lafleur in the early 90s, he was a guest of someone at an office where I had just started working. When the guy shakes your hand, you realize how much strength and grip he's got (had a similar reaction when I met Jacques Plante at a celebrity supper). I didn't get to chat with Lafleur, but he was very cordial and friendly.
Funny that you mention this... yes, he had a very powerful grip. I remember that. He was also a lot bigger than I expected him to be.

When I met him he was 'hiding' in a corner of the airport that was under contstuction. I made a wrong turn down a corridor and saw a guy sitting by himself in an empty closed area. I looked at him, made eye contact with him and mouthed 'are you...' and he nodded his head and put his finger to his lips as if to say 'shh'. I asked if I could come get his autograph and he motioned yes.

I mentioned this in one of the threads recently but I went over to him, and we talked hockey. At the time Chris Higgins was up and coming and my favourite and I asked him his opinion. "He's a very good player."

Got his autograph, thanked him and then let him be. But he was definitely a lot taller and stronger than I expected he would be. Guy seems to be in very good shape.
Originally Posted by Runner77 View Post
As an aside, if you caught Lafleur on Le Match this week, he had interesting comments about how teammates used to resolve internal conflicts. He said that there would always be a post-game supper and whoever had a beef, would be urged to wash his dirty laundry in front of everyone -- it was dealt with on the spot and everyone moved on. He said that this type of cohesiveness and closeness began withering on account of a large influx of Europeans in the league.

He also mentioned how most of the players would spend their summers in Montreal, basically not hiding from fans. He said the only player to leave at the time was Mats Naslund, who used to spend 25% of his time in Sweden and the rest in Montreal.
Well 100% of the people out there now have cel phones. It must be strange living in a fishbowl. And let's face it, the Habs used to have a lot more local players because there was more local players to be had.

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