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11-22-2013, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by IceDaddy View Post
according to whom? You? Dana White? How would he or his corner men know what was in the judges mind?
You think those involved in the fight are oblivious to who is winning? Hendrick's corner, rightfully assumed they were ahead. GSP's corner knew they were in trouble, Hendrick's thought he sealed the deal, GSP looked like a man who just lost his belt and knew it.

The fighters know if they won the fight or not.

In Pretty Boys last fight, the same judge who scored a win for Bradley over Pacquiao also scored it a draw in the Floyd fight, and Floyd's reaction was WTF is this ****? You think they have no idea if they just won/lost the fight. Floyd pitched a shut out and one of the judges scored it a draw.

These guys have been notoriously bad on every level for years. They routinely score fights that are ridiculous, if not completely corrupt and you sit by and say, well, it's ok, they both know the rules, are you kidding me? GSP got his arsed whipped, the judges who have been notoriously inaccurate and often bribed couldn't possibly have gotten this one wrong , I'm sorry if I'm not buying it.

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