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11-22-2013, 07:11 PM
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Because it was a very good deal. He plays good defense, is a good base runner, walks a lot, has good power, and good speed. Negatives are low avg due to tendency of being an extreme FB hitter and lots of strikeouts. Down year last year was largely due to a .237 babip when his career is .275 or so. 3 seasons prior to last year he was averaging almost 4 WAR/160 games. 7.5M is the amount a slightly below league average starter gets(~5M/WAR is the going rate) and throughout his career he has been average to above average. It doesn't prevent them from making other longer term commitments as it's only a one year deal. If he plays back to his usual self he is a useful player and if the team isn't looking good they can get a decent piece back for him at the deadline.

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