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11-23-2013, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
The Jazz are running away with the race. As bad as the Bucks are, they are missing Larry Sanders who is a big presence for them and Brandon Knight. Mayo and Ilysova are good players. Butler still has his moments like tonight. Larry Drew is a decent coach. I still think they are a better team. The Jazz on the other hand have a bunch of young talented guys, but no go to guy. Not to mention they play in the Western Conference. Don't see them pulling out too many wins. The Nets and Knicks, however overrated they may be, will string it together at some point.

As for the Sixers, I keep telling myself they can't keep this up, yet they find miraculous ways to pull out wins. 20+ turnovers a game, double digit deficits, high volume 3's allowed. They have a bunch of misfits and castoffs on the second unit (I have always liked Wroten though) who played out of their mind today. They've hit clutch contested 3-pointers to force OT (MCW, Anderson, Hawes). Hawes and Turner have been playing like All-Stars.

On the other hand if you look at their wins they beat the Heat without Wade, Rockets without Harden, a marginal Wizards team, a shorthanded Bucks team, and an underachieving Cavs team. Only 1 win on the road. As odd as it sounds, I do think the Sixers have a home court advantage at the WFC. There's nothing that will cause a visiting team to come out more flat than seeing a 1,000 people in the stands against a team that was pegged by Vegas to be historically bad.

As far as the trades, I highly doubt we see anything until February. One, you'll get more value as you have more leverage closer to the deadline and two, you send a bad message to the team (not that I care, but it does send a bad message). Hinkie will have some ammunition to move up in the draft if they screw this season up, but it will be hard to pry a top-3 pick from a needy franchise in need of a potential superstar.

I keep telling myself they can't keep this up, yet they stay in most every game, and pulls wins out of their ass. It's really tough to watch games. It's sickening. I root so hard for them to fail. /rant
I just fear that this team will play like a mediocre team, with Hawes and Turner. Waiting until February is risky because I could see them being in the 7th/8th spot with this current team. (how bad the East is right now)

Just frustrating to watch knowing that this team needs a super-star to be relevant and we can't even tank right for a draft with SO much talent...

I thought teams like the Nets, Knicks, Cavs, and Wizards, would be MUCH better than they are showing.

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