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11-23-2013, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
The kid is a project, we all knew it, a very nice project but still but a project.. I will be extremmely happy if he develops in a very strong third line winger, a pain to face night after night for our opponents, think of a bigger Brandon Prust, thats at least my personal expectations..
All that being said, it is dissapointing to see. Worst stats of the first 2 rounds in 2013, other players also have to go through a 1st year of something, quite a few guys needed to make the jump in the NCAA and do very well. Is the OHL tougher than the NCAA? Well clearly, McCarron is affected by the number of games so in the end, I guess he's have it easier in the NCAA but then, they often play 2 games in 2 nights. Then comes the level of play.....and I guess it depends of who you talk to. I think that NCAA players are way older.....but possible that depth is not THAT great depending who you are playing.

So everybody knows he's a project. But in the 1st round, people wanted Keith Primeau..not Turner Stevenson. Still ways to go...would be neat if he'd turn it around this year but at the very least, next year..he'll have to turn it around. If not...bust word will come out....and that will not be far from reality.

London is a stacked team....but he was suppose to be part of the team being stacked. It makes no sense to me that a big guy like that isn't used on the PP. If has to mean that there is something wrong this year for sure. Your biggest guy, and one of the bigger guys in the whole league, just that trait along should make you play on powerplays. Let's hope he succeeds in doing it this year.Hunter should go at the Therrien school of coaching...where sending an unsuccesful player on the PP to get his confidence going....

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