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11-23-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by jaster View Post
Noooooo, not at all. I want him off the roster as bad as anyone. I annoy my wife complaining about him during games. Even as a Holland supporter, I find fault with his signing.

I'm just stating facts about his past. As bad as he is now, you can't deny what he's done in the past if you're being honest. At no point do I see that as a defense of what Cleary is now, or as evidence he should stay on the team. I'm simply making a comment about how disappointing it is to see a player, who once had value and was actually fun to watch, decline into what he is now. It's too bad is all.

I agree with that. I think he took a big dip from 11/12 to 12/13, and now another big dip from 12/13 to this year. He's barely a shell of his former self.

I agree Jaster.

I think Holland can see both sides of this.

It is easy on a message board to say "FIRE HIM NOW". But Holland is a human being, and Cleary is an organizational friend. And what you do in that case is this: You tell Cleary he is falling down the depth chart. Cleary says, just give me some more time, its just a slump. Holland figured maybe last years playoffs was Cleary coming out of a slump, he only took him back on the cheap. But Cleary must know he is on thin ice. I imagine Holland has told him as much. I think the minutes he is getting now, is not necessarily idiocy. It is putting a nail in the coffin. Look how much time we gave you, Look who we let you play with? Sorry, but you are now off the team. Half way through this season is realistically when Cleary OR Sammy will be fired. I basically expect 1 of them to go when DD gets back from LTIR.

When Holland brought up Nyquist, He knew what he was doing. To trade Tatar for prospects or scraps is not going to happen. We don't have the salary to really move young guys for high price players. Basically the best options are to trade sammy or waive cleary. Even if you waive Cleary, he might come back later if no one claims him.

In either Case, Holland has a heart I am sure. And he is delaying getting rid of cleary to give him a chance to do something. As long as he does not do anything impressive… I think his time here is running out. Goodwill can only go so far. The difference between Nyquist and Cleary is so vast, it has to excentuate how badly Cleary has gotten.

Edit: Please don't respond to this post just to say "its a business" "I know better" "Cleary should be gone long ago" because we all know that. I am just saying that what I am saying is closer to the truth of what is happening. You don't need to remind me how bad he is playing now. I am just saying that Holland KNOWS this, but is still just giving him a little more rope to hang himself. That way the Red Wings "gave him a chance" and everyone in the locker room can say, "sorry man, but he really did give you a chance".

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