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11-23-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by mattyd99 View Post
The problem is guys who hit for a low batting average and strikeout a lot don't become better hitters as they get older. The avg. continues to drop with more strikeouts. I think Young is in the decline of his career, he doesn't run as well as he used too, and the power numbers probably won't be what they once were despite what Sabremetrics may say. Good defense and high walk totals is nice and all but you have to hit .200 to at least be a backup in this league.

He has flyball tendencies and Citi Field while not what it once was isn't exactly like hitting at Yankee Stadium. I don't see this change in ball parks making that great of a difference.

And to top it off he's on yet another team this year, both Arizona and Oakland have decided the flaws don't meet the strengths.

Like I said before I'd love to see him be the next Byrd, but I don't see it happening.
It's not the ballparks that I'm talking about in regards to power. I think mets blog posted a field chart showing how many of his hr would be out there. The difference is the amount of fly outs/pop outs in Oakland that will be foul balls here. Young 1-7 is a much better deal than Byrd for 2-16. Byrd is older and just had a career year like nothing he's ever had before at age 34. The only reason we are even getting Young this cheap is because he's coming off a bad year. Compare him to BJ Upton (who, yes had a miserable year this year). They are strikingly similar players - upton a better base stealer- young a bit more power. Upton got I think 5-75 coming off a good year. Young got a huge discount since he's coming off a bad year

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