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01-22-2004, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
perhaps i don't care what your position is? perhaps when you post i laugh at your posts and just think of you as just another bitter rangers fan. if you don't like the way the rangers are going how about you try not watching.

Jar Jar or SOS whatever you want to be called now, why don't you just go away. We are all die hard Ranger Fans who are sick of the way the team has been run. We have our opinions just like you do BUT most of us don't attack every single poster who disagrees with us. YOU DO. Dedalus is one of the most respected posters here and has been around for a long long time. You have not. You are antagonistic and just wish to argue with who ever you can.

I don't post much but I am here every day reading the posts. You have not presented one single argument without insulting anyone involved. If you post intelligent replies and base your arguments on facts and not supposition your arguments might come across better.

I watch every single game that I can, which is 99% of them. I have been watching since the early 70's and this team has been nothing but a disappointment since Sather took over. It is way past the time to blow it all up.

"FIRE SATHER, FIRE SATHER, FIRE SATHER" is just the first step of many to reach a point where this team can win consistantly. Until then most of us will watch, go to games and hope that one day they will turn it around.

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