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01-22-2004, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by SumOfUs
Also, why hasn't Jaques been signed yet? He is a great coach who would be impossible to replace. We'd end up with some inexperienced guy who wouldn't know the first thing about coaching our team. Again, Martin is one of the best coaches in the league and he would be hired somewhere else in a second. Don't be an idiot Muckler, sign them now.
I'm not trying to call you out here specifically... trust me, I've heard this many many times before... but I just find this argument incredibly frustrating. I acknowledge that Jacques Martin is a smart hockey man and a good coach, but just because we've had good results from one coach, this doesn't mean that another coach might not do just as well, if not better. If Martin can't get the job done, then I think Muckler has an OBLIGATION to at least seriously consider his options in terms of possibly replacing him with someone that he feels will be able to accomplish the team's goal of winning a Stanley Cup. THAT is what Muckler is paid to do. He's not paid to sit in his office and cower about the possibility that the team will implode without their current coach just because he's been here a long time and once won a Jack Adams award. Bob Francis, Joel Quenneville, Bill Barber and Ted Nolan have all also won Jack Adams awards... cripes, so did Don Cherry... they really don't mean that much in the context of Stanley Cups.

Frankly, I happen to think that we'd be better off with a different coach, but Martin has probably earned himself one more chance to demonstrate that he can get results from this team when the stakes are high. This year's playoffs will dictate Martin's future, though, and I strongly suspect that anything short of at least a return to the Conference Finals would almost certainly end his tenure in Ottawa - whether other teams are interested in him or not. We're not playing 'Jacques Martin keep away' with the other teams in the league, we're trying to win a Stanley Cup. If he can't get the job done - or at least come pretty close with a talent-heavy and generally acknowledged championship-callibre team, then he shouldn't be our coach.

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