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11-24-2013, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by ponzu4u View Post
Honestly, though scared to say it owing to our repeatedly noted habits of overreaction and perhaps exaggeration, I need to point out a series of plays McDonagh made near his net during the 3rd period tonight. First, he used his body positioning perfectly, somehow managing to hit the rushing Nashville player, who looked to have at least a step on McD, both separating and shielding the player away from the puck. Then, before the announcers could even finish complimenting McD on the maneuver, he gains control of the puck behind the blue line on the other side of the net, and, cool as ice, threads a perfect pass between the sticks of the two approaching Nashville forecheckers and directly onto the tape of the Ranger forward; single hand-idly snuffing Nashville's rush before creating and executing a near perfect defensive zone exit.

And suddenly, at this moment, with a jolt something like a **** shiver, I found myself struck with the realization that Ryan McDonagh's ceiling could, possibly, actually be somewhere in the neighborhood of, yep I'm going to say it, none other than Nicholas mother *** Lidstrom. Now clearly, Lidstrom is one of, if not, THE greatest defensemen to ever play the game, and I'm definitely not saying McDonagh will or is even likely to ever achieve even near that level of greatness. But, as I watch McDonagh's game develop, and in particular the growing confidence in his offensive game, the overall package and style of play just screams Lidstrom to me.(again, granted, not now or likely ever reaching that level). Now, considering the level of play the kid started his NHL career playing at, his subsequent impressive development curve, and his still young age, and triggered by witnessing of more and more plays like the one mentioned above, I find myself firmly of the belief that Ryan McDonagh has the potential to become one of the best defensemen of his generation and possibly more. He'll never be super flashy or deliver a ton of crushing hits, but he's already an A+ defender with good size, great skating, and what seem to be fast approaching top of the charts defensive instincts. The future is incredibly bright for MacTruck and seeing that play I just got too excited not to share with you guys.
I HATE it when people compare kids to some of the greatest players in the history of the game, but I gotta say, Ryan McDonagh is a special defenseman. He's really friggin good.

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