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The only legitimate Flyers jersey that I dislike is the 3-D alternate that went away when the Reebok contract came about... I see all the other jerseys, besides the last Winter Classic one, as being an evolution that circled back to the current Retro ones. To me that is one of the charming factors of the Flyers jersey... as with most of the Original Six jerseys, tweaks rather than major revisions are what happens... if you believe the Black jersey that arose in the Late-Nineties was also a color-tweak, as I do. For the most part the Original Six plus the Flyers and the Blues have been consistent and rarely went with the money grabbing jersey issues that so many teams that do not pride themselves in their 'Tradition' seems to issue at the drop of a hat ***CoughCanucksCough***... The Oilers I guess could also be included with their mostly static jerseys.

Mr. Snider has promised that the Flyers Flying 'P' Logo and Black and Orange colors would always be a part of the Flyers as long as he is involved/in control... I also believe that he wants the basic jersey style to in place, and except for that 3-D Alternate and the one and done Winter Classic II ones, that has been the case... with a slight veering to the black ones... The jerseys evolved with the Cooperalls sparking the first change and the Reebok template forcing the second. Once the template was done away with, the door was open to return to the roots, and the current Retros.

That said... I can see a Black version becoming an alternate, but as the non-use of the WCII proved, I don't see Snider allowing a new pattern style jersey ever again being worn on a regular basis... And I for one am happy with that policy. I see it further establishing the Flyers as a member of the in all reality 'Original Seven'.

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