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11-24-2013, 10:22 AM
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(Somewhat) OT: Does anyone else have major issues with 102.5's signal?

What's up with this station? I hardly ever get a signal from them that I would consider decent. They're our "flagship" station but I think it's a joke of one. Their programming is bad even without squeezing in the Dave Ramsey Show in the middle of the day. No, they don't talk about hockey (minus Mark Howard in the mornings at times) but I think 104.5 is light years better than the castaways on 102.5. Willy is fine, but I think every show on that station sucks in comparison to its 104.5 counterpart. The only possible exception is the morning show. Of course I only know that through listening to it on a TuneIn Radio app on my phone since their signal is so weak. I live in Donelson so I'm not in a remote location or anything.

I don't know why it bugs me so much. Maybe because they try and talk about how they actually like the Preds and they're the flagship station but no one can freaking hear it anyway, then the team looks bad for teaming up with a crummy one. Is anyone else having ongoing issues with this? I've heard people in Murfreesboro don't have as much of a problem or something but no one within 70 miles of Nashville should have issues listening to a "major" radio station.

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