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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
No it means the same thing as in North America, where the movie was very well-received by both the general audience and critics.

Good world-building, good character portrayal and development, good acting, timely socio-political metaphor, coherence throughout, and a clever climax closure. Also, points for costume design.
I was simply not able to watch more than 15 minutes of that movie, and I tried several times. Let me explain:

The movie is called hunger games. Hunger in like: people should be starving, ridiculously poor and kept in a state of permanent slavery. So poor that they even tolerate these ridiculous games where children are killing each other. Districit 12 is known from having people frequently die of starvation.

Now, from that very interesting premise, please explain to me why everybody looks healthy, white teeth, clean hair and all? Katniss certainly doesn't look like she's almost dying of starvation!

All in all, I was simply unable to watch that movie because what I saw on the screen couldn't possibly match the whole premise of the movie. All these guys are doing desperate things, but they certainly don't look desperate. Does. not. compute.

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