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11-24-2013, 03:32 PM
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I signed up for *************.com this year and it's been mostly a good experience - the 60fps makes the biggest difference vs GC, IMO. Also, as someone else mentioned, the quality of the source feed you're watching can make a big difference - e.g RDS is typically better quality than most of the American teams' broadcasts, even though I'd rather watch games in english.

However, I have recurring issues with lag, choppiness, etc, and I'm beginning to suspect that TekSavvy is the culprit. I haven't asked the ************* guys directly, but I've noticed them referring to frequent routing issues with TekSavvy. Anyone else care to share their experiences with *************.com on TekSavvy?

P.S. Something awesome I just discovered recently - ************* has past episodes of 24ch in both english and french, usually a week or so after they've aired.

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