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11-24-2013, 05:19 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Tarasenko and his 12 points in 22 games? That Tarasenko?

He looks like an OK player, but nothing special.

And you completely missed my point. Guys like Benn and Neal don't fall that often these days. As scouting has gotten better, these players don't normally fall. Those guys obviously did, but it's much more uncommon than it used to be.
Stop. Talking. Silliness.

His 8 goals leads our team right now so exactly what's wrong with that tarasenko ??

An ok player? Good lord.... Hes 21 yrs old. He had 8 in 38 games last yr and has 8 in 22 so far this year on a deep young team.

Everyone's wet dream ck has 3 goals in 16 games

Stepan 5/23

Beev 6/23

Mr 1stline/3rd line has 6 in 15.

Ya, he would look good on this team right now with his 8 goals while mcilrath is punching people in Hartford.

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