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11-24-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I don't think its Riders fans as much as the current fandome has been largely a youth or young adult phenomenon in Saskatchewan. I often feel that due to how that franchise was struggling for years and got tuned out and people stopped caring about it as much that theres a generation, now between say 35-50yrs old that kind of never got into the Riders and are still underrepresented. So what you see instead is a whole lot of Riders fans that are under 35 and disproportionately so. With behavior that might be more typical in that demographic.
For instance as you know our generation isn't much into taunting, in your face ridicule, etc. But in the internet age flaming is pretty much a given. Its too bad.

The same thing is observed with the Vancouver Canucks fanbase currently. Because its largely also a young fanbase and with the same generation before it that tuned out the Canucks more or less. So the trolling, taunting fanbase is over represented.

All we're really seeing here is new behaviors that we subscribe to. But we're on the internet so we see it a lot. Reality is we see it a lot on this board, or any board.
I'm a lifelong Riders fan, and some of the best trash talkers I've seen at Taylor Field have been in their 70's and 80's. One guy when I went to a game was from Hamilton, but in the Riders band. So he had a Ti-Cats scarf on. Every time he would try to play his trumpet, the old man in front of him who must have been 70 at least, would stick his hand in it

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