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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The average North American eats 3,000 calories a day, maybe 4,0000. However, they could probably survive on 1,000 calories a day. They'd be bored, but they would survive, people did so throughout human history. In this case, all the characters from the poor districts are quite thin, except for Haymitch who is more pudgy, but he is in fact rich.

Katniss augments her diet by illegal hunting. This is shown in the movie.

Many of the people in the city are specifically fat, but that's the point.

People would also have whiter rather than yellower teeth if they ate less.

I think you were looking for excuses to complain.
Poor peolple have horrible teeth, simply because they never went to see a dentist...

The guys in Hunger games simply don't look poor and/or starving at all. They all look perfectly fine, healthy etc. and that simply does not compute with regard to the movie's premise.

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