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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
I do mine myself so I don't ever have problems, but I guess the question would need to be what would you consider a bad sharpen?
I've had it all, from the guy simply not doing them enough to completely uneven edges. My favorite one happened about a month ago.. I play both goalie and skater.. and I wanted to try the new A-trap sharpening. The guy doing it even said he hadn't done it yet, but I figure everyone has to start somewhere, and he's a good guy.. I've known him for a while. The A-trap allows goalies to get different edges on the inner and outer edges, so, for example, I got 3/8" on my inside edge to give me greater bite on my pushes, but the outer edge is 5/8" so I don't dig too far into the ice. His problem? Somehow he forgot to switch them for each skate.. so I ended up with a perfect left skate and a right skate that had 5/8" on the inside and 3/8" on the outside, lol. It was terrible, but fortunately I was only playing in a scrimmage that night and got the fixed the next day from another sharpener.

Another thing that drives me nuts is when they rush the sharpening and don't go all the way up the toes or heel, just leaving it unsharpened. I like a full blade sharpening and one of the first "tests" on the ice is to see how well the toe and heel are done. They almost never get it right.

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