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Originally Posted by SacredPetra View Post
I recently got my holders replaced and when I tried skating on them I felt like I couldn't do anything. Finally after another coached practice and a stick and puck where my skates kept feeling worse I had a different skate sharpener look at them to see if they'd missed an edge. Turns out my edges were all different heights and my inside edges were 1-1.5mm taller than my outside edges.

1mm doesn't seem like it should make that big of a difference
, but if that's all that's wrong, it made a huge difference in my skating ability.

Do people here skate through a bad sharpening or does it really effect your performance? Does it get easier to ignore a bad sharpening as you become a stronger/better skater?
1mm difference is enormous and I'd be really peeved to get that. I don't think I'd be able to skate on that. Too much grip on one side and not enough grip on the other. Maybe I'd try to tough it out for the rest of the game if I didn't notice the bad sharpening before getting on the ice. After having it fixed, that would mean that you've lost 1mm of blade on one sharpening. Considering that a brand new blade sticks out by around 13-14mm, that's a big chunk of the blade's life wasted.

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