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11-24-2013, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by RangersHank View Post
I feel the same way about the Talbot/Weekes/Henrik thing. I would like to see what Talbot can do for the rest of the year though before i say he is making a case for himself as a starter. If he keeps it up though management will have to take a long look at the future and present to see whats more important.

Can we win a cup now or the next 5-6 years? If management thinks so then keep Hank, if they doubt it then trade him, unless they think he can win playoff series by himself without scoring (if they dont fix the scoring that is) then keep him.

My opinion is that we need a bit of retooling on the offense and defense. This year imo is more like an observation year. I wont be surprised to see some guys gone or moved for younger or faster players to fit AVs system. I think AVs system will work here, if we had the finishers we would be fighting for 1st place imo.

So keep Hank and bring in some punch from the blueline and maybe a few wingers who can score. We arent that bad.
If Sather is using the same criteria (and he is), Lundqvist will be re-signed. Sather wants one more ring before he retires--that's why he came here in the first place.

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