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11-24-2013, 10:04 PM
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I'm as big a proponent of having a more tougher team.

That said, it's not having a heavyweight guy that makes a team tough.

It's in the individual players that make teams tough.

Dorsett can get into 30 fights this year, and he can lose EVERY fight he is in I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WINS AND LOSSES WHEN IT COMES TO FIGHTING.

the win/loss record of NHL fights are meaningless.

The bottom line about being a tough team is not whether you win a fight or lose a fight. It's about having a mindset that you are not going to allow an opponent to take liberties with your teammates and that means if Zuccs gets hammered, I EXPECT Kreider to address that issue ASAP.

If Brassard gets run, then I EXPECT Pouliot or one of his line-mates to address that issue.

You guys have to get off the winning and losing of fights having any sort of meaning. They don't.

The message is sent in sticking up for your teammates, win, lose or draw.

Relying on one guy, be that guy Dorsett or Colton Orr or Georges Laraque is doing a disservice to those guys.

Team toughness is exactly that, TEAM TOUGHNESS

We don't need guys to do that job. We need the guys WE HAVE to grow a set of balls and take certain matters into their own hands when things get heated.

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