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Originally Posted by Watch for the Yeti View Post
I am still having this problem despite trying everything. The problem has improved a bit after getting waxed laces, but the Superfeet Green has not done the job ( no surprise since it's not built for the skate). Kinda sucks I have to tell my dad to buy another model of that insole (he'll probably be pissed). I think the problem is my very skinny ankles, so it's close to impossible to wrap the boot around the ankle. I may tape my ankles, even though that will probably bring along some hecklers.
I just posted a few exercises in the "taping hockey skates" thread. A few easy but effective things that will help build some mobility and stability in your ankles - so check those out if you want.

It sounds like you don't have much stability in your ankles so your always falling in onto your inside edges. Waxed laces will help to keep your skates tighter and trying a little tape around your ankles (for now) can't hurt. Just start out light with a couple rounds of clear tape and see how that goes. As you build more stability you can start to try without the tape.

IMO you are having a strength and stability problem in your ankle and until you address that you are going to have trouble constantly staying off those inside edges. Again, my own opinion - hope that helps.


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