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Originally Posted by madguitarist View Post
The ref's role in controlling a game is huge. Nobody likes a guy who calls everything, but at the same time, putting the whistle away all game, can lead to chaos if guys are getting away with stick work and dirty plays. There has to be a balance between the two, and it's not easy to find. A bad ref, can kill a game and cost a team goals. Had a hand pass one-timed past me yesterday that was missed, and a couple of missed offsides that turned into goals. Refs are only human, but sometimes, it can be tough to swallow. When a ref calls a great game, let 'em know about it. If they get credit for it, then maybe they'll call games consistently, based on the feedback.

I really like this rule, and wish that it were enforced everywhere. As a keeper, it's a piss off when some overzealous bender, hacks away at your hands and arms, or bowls you over when you're in a vulnerable position because he's trying to jar the puck loose. I have a job to go to, and I don't need some wannabe who still thinks that there are scouts in the stands, putting my job and health in jeopardy, because he's to daft to understand that rec. league isn't the gateway to a pro career.

It's a hard call to make in MOST instances, only because it's a bang-bang style play by nature, one minute the player sees the puck, and reacts, and a second later, the goalie has it, and the player can't hold up, how do you penalize that?

As a goaltender for over 20 years, I know both sides, if it's a reasonable attempt at the puck and not just a swipe, I will let it go, but if it's a hard dig etc, then you have to call it, MOST guys won't dig hard at the goalie, but you get some weekend warriors with a contract in their pocket.

What is worse is when goaltenders try and draw that penalty by hovering their hand over the puck but not covering it, when that happens, then they definitely will not get a call from regardless if the hand is severed from the wrist

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