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11-25-2013, 10:12 AM
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Im not trying to be Crossfit butt buddy over here. I dont even have a CF membership and never attended a class.

I personally do not like how most Crossfit gyms have a limited schedule (I work 50+ hr weekly and I travel a lot). The price for me isnt as bad as the lack of classes that I could attend. I would pay it if they had better services.

They do have free 1st timer classes for Introduction for free which I been meaning to go to but the last few times I have tried to they had to cancel it to due previous engagements like hosting a children fitness seminar and what not.

So what I have done for the last year is use Youtube and to learn more about functional exercises and Metabolic conditioning. Personally I have been always fascinated with it because of the Soviet Union hockey team that dominated the world (in every sport) between the 60s and 80s through this type of training. Very similar if not exactly the same in some parts.

So I learned the ideas from them. A bunch of information on proper training schedules, work outs for functionality, proper nutrition (not just diets) and a bunch of other cool stuff. I mimicked the work outs, I programmed my own schedules based on needs and wants (so a lot of front squats lol)

And I have never felt better.
I am not saying Crossfit is the best out there. Nothing is supreme over the other. Even the best athletes have gone around to dozens of different gyms and trainers collecting different data and applying what best fits.

I just like that theres finally a brand name out there that allows all of the useful training tips to be collected in one area. From there I can branch out to more specific needs. But Crossfit has never proved me wrong by going by their movements. Everything they say was taken from a previous successful source. You apply it and see what works for you.

Another great training method, very similar to Crossfit
Is look into Marv Marinovich on Youtube. Hes all about doing functional training and HIIT.
And look into Andy Obrien. Very similar but more focused on Neurological training too

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