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11-25-2013, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Devourers View Post
Two former mid 1st round picks, a 1st round pick in itself, and a 2nd round pick. This isn't exaggeration this is fact. When you have a GM specifically stating he isn't going to mortgage the future for now, and he trades any of these assets especially in combination for a pending UFA or an older more proven player, you're for sure potentially jeopardizing the future.

Also I think it's a little too early to write-off Leblanc as a 3rd liner at best, while I don't disagree with you it's still a little too early. I sure hope our GM isn't basing his trading on that type of mentality, that's how you lose trades.

When we got Bournival people never thought he'd break the 4th line and that O'Byrne would be a stud. People thought Pacioretty was a bust when he wasn't producing early on in his career. Others wanted Plekanec dealt after one bad year. Point is although a player like Leblanc or Beaulieu may seem tradeable right now, doesn't mean in 1 year the trade will look good.

For a GM who preaches building from within I expect better than dealing away former 1st rounders, 1st and 2nd rounders, etc. It's bad enough we dealt Kristo away, but we'll see how that one plays out.
By the way, Thomas is younger than Kristo.

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