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11-25-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by bathroomSTAAL View Post
Ah okay, thanks. So no surprise then.
Yep. I still think we're going to lose at least one guy during the Rule 5 Draft, but I don't think he's really worthy of fretting over (Zach Thornton, a 25 year-old reliever with some solid AAA experience) as he was unlikely to have any impact in Pittsburgh this upcoming year and Rule 5 relievers are a dime a dozen...he's just going to be one of a small handful that has reached AAA. His upside isn't high enough to burn a 40-man roster spot on, in my opinion, though I wouldn't be surprised if he puts up some decent numbers in the majors next year (pitching only in blow-outs).

Interesting to see Dickerson dealt, I could never really grab a hold if the organization was high on him or disappointed in him...but after putting up good numbers last year I thought he'd get another season to see what he could bring. I've flip-flopped on Dickerson more than I have on any prospect; I've gone from loving him as a draft pick, getting disappointed in him, loving his ability to put the ball in play, hating his defense, thinking he's improving, then not seeing his power translating to the Majors...I really don't know. The only thing I can really say is that Dickerson isn't the type of prospect that you bet on doing anything. I wouldn't be surprised if he puts together a solid career, but the one thing I was always against was talk of him as the first baseman of the future...he's just not a good enough prospect to earn that sort of distinction. A stadium like Petco seems to be built for a guy like Dickerson, if he ever makes it there, he should be able to rack up doubles.

Decker was a sandwich round (42nd overall) pick in 2008, made his MLB debut last year and had solid numbers in his first season in AAA. Doesn't have enough power to stick in the corners, though, and projects more to be a 4th outfielder who can play all 3 positions...biggest thing about him is that he gets on base, with a .381 OBP last year actually being below his minor league average. I'm not really sure why San Diego DFA'd him, and I can see why his name was a minor one in rumor circles since then...but he had an injury plagued and awful 2012 season, but that was sandwiched between impressive seasons in AA and AAA.

Mikolas spent a decent amount of time in the Padres' bullpen in 2012 and looked pretty good (saw him a couple times in person, actually) and has been a model of efficiency in the minors since being drafted in 2009 and served as Tuscon's closer last year.

San Diego DFA'd 4 guys to get their roster under control, and at least 3 of them have legitimate Major League talent...I don't know if this is San Diego being San Diego or what, but it's somewhat common to see one guy with talent getting DFA'd, but not three.

McPherson...that's unfortunate. I had high hopes for him, but injuries have robbed him of two consecutive seasons and I'll be shocked if he can rebound as a Major Leaguer at this point. Getting Jones officially off the roster can only be seen as a positive at this point. That doesn't mean that he won't return, I can see a scenario where he just sits on the market until mid-January and then becomes a very appealing bench option...but I think he'll get a contract fairly quickly.

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