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11-25-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
Overtraining would be one good reason to not go every day of the week, but that's just my opinion.
I 110% agree that you should not overtrain. However, overtraining is a term that is different from any ones POV.

I look at guys like Jagr, Chelios, Messier, Brindarmour. You look at their training methods and one way or another many of you would criticize their routines. Jagr doing 1000 squats a day from 14 to at least 33 years of age, and still doing 1am work outs on game days and having a 30 minute work out session after each game. Messier would spend most summers traveling ALL summer throughout Asia and Europe with his bike and mountain climbing. Brindarmour... well we all should know his workouts were pretty inspriing. Everyday since he was in high school he was that intense. Chelios still works out like a beast but said he could not play valuable minutes anymore because of his knee.

Look at other sports. The most durable guys I see are the ones who train past their limits everyday. They dont take "rest days"/

Ive heard professional athletes like this in multiple sports say that a rest day usually has them feeling worse as oppose to some kind of activity that day. many professional athletes who squat 5x a week and we would say that is not optimal... but how do you critique the pros, the results.

Ray Lewis would train 3x a day, everyday even during the season.
You ever see the guys off-season routine? Boy its inspiring.

Anyway. My point is you can do what ever you want so long as you provide your body with what it needs and listen to it.

I now no longer listen to the old school habits of leg day one day and let it rest for a few days. I have no issues with doing squats back to back days... Or doing some sort of big leg exercise every time I hit the gym like a deadlift or squat.

I try to work out everyday, I wish I could train more. But I also so happen to spend a great deal on warm ups, cool downs, recovery practices and stretching techniques. Soooo, I dont expect everyone to follow my routines not that its so crazy anyway

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