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11-25-2013, 01:36 PM
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I think you can train your body to pretty much do anything in terms of a training schedule. I dont expect anyone to jump right into it. You need to create a base first before you climb yourself into different levels.

I didnt just jump into a gym and start doing what I do now.

I had a good teacher when I was a kid. My older cousin showed me basic exercises and some simple movements. He believed in breaking down your body and building it back up.

That, with sports gave me a good base for what I got into in college

I started learning about Soviet training and metabolic conditioning and now I work out pretty intense for the average goers.

Idc what people do to train. I just hate a few things I see at my gym...

Too many people on machines.
Too many meat heads who spend a great deal of time and focus either playing bball for cardio and then train their arms for an hour and nothing else.
People who wear everything from wrist bands to knee bands to back belts sometimes just to do any simple lift.

But even more jaw dropping is when these average joes love to do stuff like bench press and they rack up the weight to an amount you know is not feasible for them as you see them tossing and turning as they lift it upwards. Dismissing every known fact of form.

You know its not useful for them as they seem to be wearing all this gear because I bet you they have back and shoulder and knee problems.

Yet I guess you only see it during crossfit. yea right

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