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Originally Posted by JFA87-66-99 View Post
I'm late getting to this party but was wondering why Tom Paton didn't get more consideration. I see he made the aggregate list, and I know he's old-school but still think he deserves to be possible a top 40 goalie of all-time especially if all era's are represented. Did you guys talk about him at all or do any research on him? If so I'd be curious to read this?
I know a couple of people considered him, but not enough for him to come up for vote. My take: Hockey wasn't yet a competitive enough sport when Paton played for him to be considered.

29 years old during the first Montreal Winter Carnival of 1883, generally considered the first competitive ice hockey tournament ever, so we know he didn't grow up playing competitive hockey, since it didn't exist yet. 39 years old when the Stanley Cup was first awarded in 1893. Retired 12 years before Percy LeSueur even began his professional career, and the quality of hockey and the talent pool improved dramatically over those 12 years. Can you even name a forward who was shooting on Tom Paton? I can recognize some of the names as old hockey players if I see them, but can't name one off the top of my head.

Basically, a big fish in an extremely small pond, in my opinion.

Not to mention that the "goals" Paton defended were composed of two upright bars with no crossbar and it was up to referee's discretion whether the puck (was it even a puck yet or was it still a ball?) was too high to count as a goal. Nets featuring crossbars were invented in 1899, 6 years after Paton retired:

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