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12-30-2006, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FearTheFlyers View Post
Thank you for your explanation.

I think the things that I would say that Gagner has an advantage in over Kane is that he reacts quicker to the play and translates that into certainly what seems like a better on ice vision. Kane seems to need longer on the puck to make plays than Gagner, for whom it seems almost instinctive.

The physical advantages Kane has may be a result of the age gap.
Against superior opposition Gagner has not reacted quicker to the play; just the opposite; Kane has the puck more than any other player on the ice; that's a sign of his skill.

As for the age thing - not relevant. Nine months from now Sam Gagner won't be able to skate like Kane can right now; five years from now he won't skate like Kane can right now. Kane quite possibly is the most skilled skater at this year's WJC versus 19-year-olds, and quite possibly the most skilled player period.

As McKenzie and McGuire finally admitted today, Kane is going top five and may even go first overall. Frankly I think he may end up bring the top pick. Gagner - I like five or six players more at this point.

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