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Originally Posted by LarryO View Post
I may be a bit fussy about my sharpenings but to be quite honest, surprisingly, I still have a hard time finding really good ones in Montreal.

Jean Roy pro shop at Fleury Arena are very good whether it's Jean himself or his son. Jean doesn't even need to start with a crossgrind to get a nice level sharpening, and they won't give you a weird look if you ask for a specific ROH. They also make Graf Sidas custom footbeds. They're just a little far from my home so it's not the most convenient location to go to regularly for a sharpening.

I've gotten a lot of good sharpenings at Etienne Desmarteaux arena also but some of their sharpeners are better than others.

Now I need to vent about ARS on Bennett street. The first time I went there, he took out his level gauge to show me how bad my previous sharpening was, and showed me again how level it was after his sharpening. I thought, "Finally I've found a decent sharpener!" That was the only time he used the level and the only time I got a good sharpening from there. One other time I noticed him seemingly struggling with one skate. It seemed like he tried sharpening it twice to correct his mistake. That sharpening ending up being off-level at one end of the blade and off-level in the other direction at the other end of the blade, as if the blade wasn't perfectly horizontal when he sharpened it. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. And forget about asking for a specific ROH. He goes by numbers like 4, 5, 6, etc. They do good repair work and holder mountings but I now avoid them for sharpening.

If anyone knows of great sharpeners in Montreal, especially in the east end, please let me know.
You are not fussy. You know sharpening.

Jean Roy also has Garon.

The late Jean Eudes Huard at Desmarteaux was probably the best for two generations. Taught many of the other good ones although most are no longer sharpening in Montreal having moved well out to the suburbs, The young guys who replaced Jean Eudes, headed by Nico are excellent as well.

Just off island - Laval at the Cartier Arena, Jason Beauchamp is excellent.

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