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12-30-2006, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle View Post
Against superior opposition Gagner has not reacted quicker to the play; just the opposite; Kane has the puck more than any other player on the ice; that's a sign of his skill.

As for the age thing - not relevant. Nine months from now Sam Gagner won't be able to skate like Kane can right now; five years from now he won't skate like Kane can right now. Kane quite possibly is the most skilled skater at this year's WJC versus 19-year-olds, and quite possibly the most skilled player period.

As McKenzie and McGuire finally admitted today, Kane is going top five and may even go first overall. Frankly I think he may end up bring the top pick. Gagner - I like five or six players more at this point.
Kane has certainly outshone Gagner and all other prospects at this tournament.

I guess it comes down to how highly you value this tournament when ranking players. I've heard everything from no importance to extreme importance.

I'd be interested in knowing how highly you value it.

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