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11-25-2013, 07:30 PM
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Beukeboom was a fan favorite because he didn't take **** from anyone. And he wouldn't allow any of his teammates to worry about goons going after them. He was a solid fighter. Terrific checker. And as mentioned, although he was big, he could move well for a big guy.

Those were physical days. More fighting. More gooning. Kocur. Domi. Probert. You needed guys like Beuk on your team. The fact that he could not only play, but play well against anyone made him special.

Despite the rough exterior, Beuk had a heart of gold. He did a lot of work with kids. He's a hell of a father too. Brock's a hockey player. Even his girl has some balls, she's a rugby player.

They don't make them like they used to. He was a fantastic Ranger. The kind of guy you will never forget.

**** you Matt Johnson. Epitome of a piece of ****. I understand the nature of the game, and how emotions can sometimes get the best of you, but that ****** ended Buek's career. He still had hockey left in him too. Pisses me off just thinking about that. Jeff wasn't a dirty player. Tough, physical, played with an edge, but wasn't dirty. **** you again, Matt Johnson. That moron still hasn't extended an apology. Disgusting.

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