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11-26-2013, 08:00 AM
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Seems super short sighted by the league.

One of the things that the NBA, NFL, and MLB have done right is making sure their sport is broadcast on as many TV networks as possible, thus upping the number of games available.

The NHL virtually HAD to shift the games to Versus/NBC sports coming out of the early 2000s, ESPN had nothing doing for the sport and it was a great move. I think it was a mistake to not give SOME games back to ESPN a few years ago when the chance was there, even if the money for exclusive rights from NBC was better. (in the states)

TSN has always given great coverage to the NHL. Turning your back on the network, even if the money was a lot better, is a dumb move. Both networks should have been given parts of the contract. More games would have been on TV and you would get more coverage from both networks respective highlight shows and websites.

Bad move by the NHL.

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