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11-26-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by nycpunk1 View Post
Huh? My office just put a gym in the basement. If I drop a 50lbs weight on my toe, would you blame the building? Of course not. But what if my gym hired a trainer who told me to hold the weight with just two fingers, "to build up my grip muscles"? Completely different
story, right? You might laugh at me for being a gullible idiot, but you'd also question that trainer and the company they represent.

You're comparing guys hurting themselves with no guidance from a trainer to guys hurting themselves doing Crossfit. The problem with this comparison is that the first guy didn't hire someone to show him how to safely and effectively work out. He's just renting the equipment.

When a random bro-dude tries to lift double what he can put up with proper form, that's on him. When that same guy is told by his trainer to do olympic lifts at the end of a gruelling workout as quickly as he can, that's on the trainer and the gym.

A good CF gym, and I know they are out there, would put the lifts where you are most likely to hurt yourself close to the front of the "WOD", where form is less likely to suffer. The problem is, a good CF gym would also need to change some of the basic concepts of CF. The emphasis on speed over form (do as many of these as you can in x seconds, or do x of these as quickly as possible) is begging for an injury, no matter where it's placed in the workout.

I suspect a high percentage of the "good Crossfit gyms" are really trainers who like properly constructed high intensity interval workouts and have paid the $$ to put a lucrative sign on their gym. But if your best examples are people who don't follow some of your core concepts, you have a problem.
Every Crossfit gym by me forces you into a Crossfit Introduction class. There relatively cheap package and I believe the first one is even free. Your put into these classes to get the understanding of Crossfit and you will learn that form is priority.

On top of this. Crossfit certificates demand of you to understand that priority is first and foremost about form.

Because of Crossfit, the study of kineseology has grown with more interest as well. Yes, because of Crossfit. They do a great job in sharing their experiences and knowledge of how the body is suppose to move in a certain lift or movement. You may not want to hear it, but its true. Like today I learned from a Crossfit video about the hyperextension that occurs on your wrists during a clean and jerk and how the mobility of your shoulders and certain work outs for that could not only become more mobile and athletic but help you in your personal weight lifting records.

If a trainer told me to hold a heavy bar with only two fingers I would simply question why. I would question why a trainer tells me to hold a bar in any shape or form even if it seems common sense. If i drop it once, I will question myself. If i drop it again, I question what is wrong.

However, dont make it seem like Crossfit has told you to hold things that are questionable. Crossfit does a great job in sharing the true forms of doing certain exercises like snatches, clean and jerks and dead lifts. prettyy much anything, and its knowledge and library is growing as it continutes to have professional weight lifters and weight lifting trainers on their side helping them share the info.

And its real simple. Ive used their methods and ideas and tried their routines and WODs. It works. Simple as that.

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