Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers at Lightning 11/25/13
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11-26-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
You sound delusional. You are arguing concrete results of '11-12 vs. wild perceptions of what you see here in '13-14.

You want to argue that this team is creating more shots/chances? Fine, Ill agree. Maybe you can lobby the NHL to have that be the determining factor in games instead of # of goals. You were warned about this - all of it. The coaching change was merely rearranging the deck chairs on this titanic of an offensive hockey team. This current team consists of a forward core that is not strong enough, skilled enough, and (for some) not hungry enough to get into the prime scoring areas of the ice. Ill take my chances with one shot from the slot vs. dozens of "chances" consisting of the team shoveling pucks to the net from bad angles.

Perhaps even more importantly, this team that is being lauded by you for generating so many chances (and is tied for 2nd to last in goal scoring in the league), is giving up a helluva lot more chances too. Tampa Bay scored on 4 odd-man rushes last night. 4. I remember when it took this team a month to give up 4 odd-man rushes.

Your delusions of grandeur are insulting to any Ranger fan that finds solace in winning hockey games.
I'm not sure you know what delusions of grandeur mean, thinking that the team is better than it is (arguable but a legit opinion) is not synonymous with delusions of grandeur, you're using a term that you don't know the definition of to sound smart. They're getting far more chances but are not finishing. It's not all bad angle shots. When all they had was terrible shots against LA I called them out on it. I thought the same thing happened for the most part against Anaheim. I'm not shy about saying when the Rangers have cupcake chances. That 11-12 team wasn't that great defensively. They just had Lundqvist in his peak season. I remember when we had like 5 straight games where we gave up at least 1 breakaway. The D sucked yesterday and against Dallas, however for the most part they've been pretty damn good since the horrible start. Even including last night's debacle the team has given up 34 goals in the last 19 games. That's fewer than 2 goals per game and that includes a bunch of fluke goals and a Lundqvist that is having his worst season in years. The 11-12 team in March that year had Lundqvist play like he's playing now they gave up at least 3 goals in pretty much every game. That team was all Lundqvist and Gabby. Somehow our offensive scrubs scored timely goals.

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