Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers at Lightning 11/25/13
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11-26-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
There you are leaping to weird conclusions, again.

Did I complain about the '11-12 team and certain holes in the roster? Sure I did. But I lauded their ability to play tough every night and their knack for winning hockey games.

You are the one that keeps deferring to the '11-12 team to highlight how good this current team is. Which is a really, really strange argument since this team wins less games and scores less goals.
I don't think this team is that good. I just think that they're more talented than they are showing. I also think that team fluked their way into a great regular season and showed their true colors offensively in the playoffs. It's not so much that this is a great team, it's just that it's better than what they've shown and that team was nowhere near as good as they've shown. Also in a sport highly susceptible to luck, "you are what your record shows" is a neanderthal way of looking at things. You can be 12-12 and get outshot every game by 20 and lose every game by 5 and you can be 12-12 and outshoot the other team every game by 20 and win by 5. We're neither extreme but to pretend that 12-12 is exactly the same is foolish and intellectually dishonest. Plus, there are almost 60 games left, looking at HOW the team is playing is important and I believe they're playing well enough to be in good position at the end of the season. Does that mean cup? Highly unlikely. However, with 60 games left it's important to see how the team got to 12-12 and ever since their disaster start outside some hiccups like last night I think the team looks promising at least to finish in playoff position, maybe even get a spot that's not a WC spot in a weaker division. Even with the hiccup last night, the score wasn't indicative of the play. A few horrible breakdowns.

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