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01-22-2004, 11:12 PM
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you guys also have to remember some of the cities that have more players representing them.. ie. philly, NYC, long island, etc..
i do agree that savard should have been there but im assuming that most GMs just attribute his scoring to kovulchuk and not himself.. montreal has 2 guys there already.. and considering philly has been near the top of the EC all season long so far, then they "deserve" to have more players than Mtl and when primeau was out.. the flyers SUCKED and didnt get better till he got back.. he MUST be important to them..
as for gonchar.. thats just wrong.. but the team is 2nd last in the NHL or whatever and they have 2 others there already.. and how in hell can you have 3 guys playing in the allstar game from one of the WORST teams in the league? you obviously cant leave lang at home, he's leading the league.. jagr.. well he's jagr and like it or not, his skills sell the game.. that leaves you with the oddman out.. unfortunately, although with steven's injury issues, he could very well be replaced by gonch.. as for boynton, maybe they hope this will kick start bruin's fan support and help that team cuz theyve had a few games where no one bothered to show up.. this could very well be that kinda pick.. with roberts, once again that team spent a long time like philly leading the east and if they were to have less representatives then say, the caps who sit pretty well deadlast, how the hell does that make sense?! it doesnt.. this way it "evens things up" so to speak..
although the sens do have 3 reps and all 3 definately deserve it.. but look for the teams w/o anyone at the "Big game" to have kids for the kids game..

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