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More Information Required

Originally Posted by icebandit View Post

Just wondering how some coaches would approach this scenario.

Say if there were four Novice teams playing in a cross ice sessions with all teams playing each other during the 2 hour slot.

If one team had a much stronger first line and a strong team than all the other 3 teams, would they ever split the team up and balance all three teams up to make it more competitive and beneficial. As the teams would be local (ish), coaches would know their players and the other players and roughly know matching abilities.

Or would they just let one team thrash all the other teams 20 - nil (but not keeping the score). And there isn't an option to swop the group of 4 teams about do to travel distances.

Would be interested on people's opinions and workable ways to make cross ice more balanced when you have an imbalance with team strengths.

Bit more information is required since the solutions offered will vary accordingly.

Are you playing cross ice or half ice? Cross ice, the nets are closer since north/south is based on the 85 foot width whereas half ice, the 100 foot length determines the separation of the nets.

Are you playing timed segments? Three minute, unit of 5 skater, shifts are the norm for pre novice(MAHG) here in Quebec. Depending on the age differential of the youngsters, adjusting the shift length down to 2:30 or 2:00 minutes may work. Four and five year olds if the talent is equal may keep pace with six year old over a short shift of two minutes but lack the stamina over three minutes. The gap widens as shifts are repeated.

If the issue is confined within an association then it is an administrative issue not a coaching issue. Simply re-jig the four teams using skill evaluations as the criteria. If it is one stacked team from one association control the situation with a variation of the 3 on 3 hockey, limiting the number of goals a single player can score per shift(one), or capped at three per mini game(usually 36 minutes divided into 12 three minute shifts or 18 two minute shifts).

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